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Outstanding performance.

The concept of common goal

By combining their respective expertise UPCAST OY and ASMAG GmbH have come up with new, cost-efficient concepts for both the production of seamless semi-finished copper tube called “Cast&Draw” and shaped “Cast&Form" profiles, flats and busbars. UPCAST OY fills in the “Cast” portion with its UPCAST®-SGTube or UPCAST®-Rod technology and ASMAG GmbH provides the straight drawing machinery and annealing equipment needed in the tube “Draw” portion or extrusion, drawing and straightening machinery for the rod “Form” portion. The technologies provided by the two companies fit together seamlessly.

Greener and
more efficient

The partnership of the two companies is based on years of technical cooperation, and the interest both C&D and C&F have raised in the market has exceeded all expectations. Encouraged by this there is continuous development work going on for future requirements. Further improvements towards greener and more efficient processes are the decisive aims behind the R&D work. Our customers are always looking for savings in their processes without jeopardizing the output with regard to its quantity and quality.

A great deal of

The first tube production mill based on “Cast&Draw” has been operating already a couple of years and is showing outstanding performance. At the moment “Cast&Draw” process is being used in the production of sanitary and some ACR tubing with a gradual shift to more demanding products as the concept is forging ahead. Adaption of the “Cast&Draw” concept to copper alloys is also feasible one good example being Cu-Ni tubes for seawater applications.

A process reliable
and easy to manage

The compact Cast & Form process will reduce the investment costs and provides the customers with a very reliable full process for Cu flats, profiles and busbars with low operational costs. The continuous process guarantees a high quality and a uniform product and innovative details support the smooth operation. The absence of harmful emissions and need for waste treatment as well as energy saving system reduce remarkably the environmental footprint of the process.

All this comes with excellent after sales customer support.